Founders Choice Scholarships

This unique scholarship program was created in 2000 by our founder, Elder John Massey, Jr. The original purpose of this award was to give students who were deficient academically and financially an opportunity to learn at a high quality academic level. His goal was to help each student build strong, spiritual, academic, and athletic foundations that will be with them throughout the collegiate level. His desire is for quality education to be available to everyone who is willing to work hard and apply themselves to the program.

Spiritual – The desire is for students to come to know the Lord and apply valuable life-changing Biblical principles to every aspect of their daily life.

Academic – The desire is for students to excel to the best of their ability. In order for this to be accomplished, every student needs to work hard and leave no room for regret! A student cannot truly succeed without a strong academic foundation. Every student works and excels at a different level and pace. RCA provides an environment that will help each student succeed at their individual learning pace. This along with hard work will help maximize each student’s learning potential.

Athletic – The desire is for athletes to truly embrace that they are students first, understanding that athletics is only a means to an end. Being an athlete does not equal success. Athletics and academics must go hand and hand. Hard work, determination, and inner motivation are the only ways an athlete will succeed.

RCA is committed to transforming students that are highly motivated, diligent, and committed to the program. Founder’s Choice scholarship recipients should be dedicated, show gratitude, and work hard. Not only are they academic students, but they have the opportunity to excel in practical skills: baking technology, culinary arts, sales, maintenance, and carpentry. These skills are useful stepping stones of experience that can be used throughout one’s lifetime. Learning is an ongoing process that does not stop in the classroom.

Founder’s Choice recipients are held to a high standard of character, academic, and athletic excellence. Therefore, recipients should demonstrate a high standard of dedication and diligence throughout the year.

RCA is looking for Earnest Students to become Founder’s Choice Scholars!