Platinum Supporters

Dr. Douglas and Monica Mitchell

Dr. Douglas and Monica Mitchell have been the dearest friends and biggest donors in the history of Redemption Christian Academy. Making their first contribution in 1994, Dr. Doug and Monica Mitchell have also provided a wealth of business and administrative advice to the staff at Redemption Christian Academy. From Doug’s assistance to RCA staff in designing viable business plans to Monica’s hands-on training of the bursar’s office in accounting methods and practices, the Mitchells’ impact is pervasive throughout the school. The hard work of the Mitchells has helped make RCA viable.

Dr. Mitchell’s rich career experiences have helped steer the course at RCA. His success as an entrepreneur establishing his own business, his pioneering scientific work in the field of innovative cancer treatment, and his personal commitment as a philanthropist have caused him to play a key role in making RCA what it is today. In addition to assuming his advisory role, Dr. Mitchell has lectured at RCA on the topics of his program’s treatments along with other health options available today such as EECP–a non-invasive treatment for heart disease, autologous stem cell therapy for hips and knees, and simple yet highly effective treatment of widespread vitamin D deficiency.

Dr. Douglas and Monica Mitchell express a genuine love and concern for youth. Their understanding and support for RCA’s mission of transforming the lives of young people have helped maintain the school’s financial stability over the past decades. Although living outside of the U.S. and now retired from a career in New York, Dr. Douglas and Monica Mitchell remain in close contact with RCA’s staff. They take time from their busy schedules overseas to visit and advise the staff when they are in the country. The Mitchells’ contribution to Redemption Christian Academy cannot be measured. Their professional advice, friendship, and financial support have impacted the lives of hundreds of RCA students for a lifetime.