Player Development

RCA’s Player Development Program is specially designed to foster development in athletes seeking to achieve immediate and long-term goals. Through RCA’s uniquely designed method of ongoing training and drills, skills are acquired and reinforced to result in the development of even the less athletic and less talented players. Since players do not get better by just playing numerous games, improvement comes from repetitious and proper training.

RCA’s Player Development Program teaches the importance of S.T.S. (spacing, timing, and sequence), and student-athletes are trained to think on the court. Students must know the whys and whens of game execution. The brain must be trained to get the body to instinctively or spontaneously respond in milliseconds. Player development is synonymous with athletic IQ.

Because proper eating is essential to good physical and mental development, diet and lifestyle evaluations and adjustments are a part of the program. While basketball camps are a helpful short-term introduction to skill training, RCA’s balanced regimen of academics and athletics can result in student-athletes reaching their ne plus ultra.

2018 RCA Alumni Delano Banton drafted by the Toronto Raptors!! Learn more about Delano: