Real World Life Skills with Brother Daniel

Applied life skills beyond the textbooks are crucial for the next generation. Students participate in a specialized curriculum to develop hands-on building and construction skills and its biblical origins.

Some special projects include:

  • Building a shed on the RCA campus using entirely free and found materials
  • Creating your own set of tools using common household items or things found in nature.
  • Exploring a quick study on survival skills in the event of an emergency
  • Learning mechanical skills for real life scenarios
  • Practice physical movement related to the topics and understanding the body as a temple.

Students are encouraged to think out of the box and to hone real world problem solving skills from start to finish.

In an ever changing world, these skills are foundational to life no matter what direction RCA graduates take.

(STEM) research with the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dr. Holly Shulman is president of Ceralink, a technology commercialization company specializing in materials consulting, R&D, microwave technology, materials analysis, and lean green engineering. Dr. Shulman volunteers her time at RCA where our students perform labs with various materials.

Her company, Ceralink, was recently awarded a research grant with the National Science Foundation (NSF). Two RCA students, Kierra Virgo and Quinson Suggs, received a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Research Assistantship for High School Students through the NSF. Also, two RCA staff, Dr. Jim Tkacik and Mrs. Laura Holmes, received Research Experience for Teachers grants through the NSF. Dr. Shulman brings a wealth of knowledge and college level teaching experience to RCA.