Career Development

“No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.”

– Booker T. Washington

Redemption Christian Academy’s Career Development program was created to help facilitate the great investment that is needed to achieve a quality education. The program allows every student an opportunity to invest in their own educational process with the realization of the personal sacrifice it takes to be successful. It is for this reason every student is required to diligently participate in RCA’s Career Development program. Students learn to become responsible, diligent, and accountable in every aspect of their educational process.

We believe learning is an ongoing process that is developed and cultivated beyond the classroom walls. “RCA is more than a school… it’s preparation for life.” Through RCA’s Career Development program, students gain relevant skills in a variety of areas, which can be applied to their future.

Career development may be completed in various fields: culinary arts, agricultural engineering, construction technology, baking technology, child care services, education, sales and marketing, facilities maintenance, landscaping, hospitality, and audio-video communications. These skills are useful stepping stones of experience that can be applied throughout a student’s lifetime.

“You should be surprised to know how small a part of your own expenses you pay here. You pay but little; and by reason of that fact it follows that as trustees of funds which are given to this institution, we have no right to keep an individual here who we do not think is going to go out and help somebody else. We have no right to keep a student here who we do not think is strong enough to go out and be of assistance to somebody else. We are here for the purpose of educating you, that you may become strong, intelligent, and helpful.”
– Booker. T. Washington