Student Life

“If you value peace of mind and trust, then RCA is for your family! We are a blue collar, family-oriented institution which emphasizes old time values! At RCA we NURTURE and CULTIVATE your child!” 

Here at Redemption, we breed the leaders of tomorrow. RCA students learn to be interdependent and receive unique leadership opportunities at every age.

Whether participating in a planning for school functions, launching a school fundraiser for overseas missions, volunteering to tutor as student-teacher aides, or making visitors feel welcomed as an RCA Tour Guide, students have opportunities to use their ingenuity and talents.

RCA student Dorm Captains are role models to provide a tranquil, inviting atmosphere in the dorms. Students may also become captains on a competitive athletic team or with an intramural sports team.

Redemption Community Outreach gives students an outlet to compassionately serve the community through Redemption Food Pantry, RCO’s weekly Tuesday hot meal delivery, and Soup for Seniors delivery to the elderly in the community.

RCA’s Agricultural Engineering Program includes the Urban Gardening Club and the Chicken Cooper’s Club where students learn poultry farming. These all work to develop responsibility and leadership skills in students.

MakerSpace provides students with necessary, relevant hands-on creative skills. Whether working with the 3D printer, repairing bicycles in the Bike Rescue program, or building an outdoor shelter from recyclables, students acquire critical teamwork and problem-solving skills.

RCA’s Writing Club gives students an opportunity to experience the power of the pen. Every year, several RCA students have their work published both through outside publishers and in-house publishing.

RCA trains leaders to be consummate thinkers through creativity and innovation. Students learn to communicate their thoughts, build social skills, and express themselves to others in a respectful way. Students are taught to be productive citizens and leaders, making meaningful community contributions with an awareness of their world-wide impact.


School Clubs

  • Urban Gardening
  • Chicken Cooper’s Club
  • Redemption Community Outreach
  • Canva Club (Graphic Design & Marketing) 
  • Poetry and Writing Club
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Permaculture
  • Goodway Culinary Program
  • Bicycle Rescue
  • Choir
  • Music
  • Activities Programming
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Speech and Debate
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Archery
  • Film Production
  • Pottery
  • Photography
  • International
  • Mock Trial
  • Yearbook
  • Astronomy

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” – Booker T. Washington