Post Graduate Program

“Education is not a thing apart from life—not a ‘system,’ nor a philosophy; it is direct teaching how to live and how to work.”

– Booker T. Washington

Redemption Christian Academy’s Postgraduate Program is designed for students who have graduated high school, yet desire one or two additional years of preparation before attending college. This gap year program affords students many opportunities to mature with the help of RCA’s academic and support staff. Depending upon student readiness, maturity, and independent living skills, students may opt for one or two years of participation in the postgraduate program.

IIn addition to the variety of academic subjects RCA offers, qualified academic students may take college courses and receive dual college credit through RCA’s partnership with Russell Sage College.  An extended senior curriculum of RCA’s high school courses is available for postgraduates who need a fifth year of academic preparation to enhance critical thinking and strengthen academic skills. Students may increase competence in English Language Arts and Mathematics and may also take high school AP courses. Through RCA’s postgraduate program, students may strengthen their academic preparedness and improve SAT and ACT scores.

Students may also participate in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. RCA students have conducted research by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Assistantship for High School Students Award. Students are also provided relevant learning opportunities through RCA’s Agricultural Engineering and Makerspace Programs.

The college search and application process starts as soon as students arrive on campus. As part of student orientation, academic planning with advisors begins, and students set specific goals to be positioned for the best advantage.

Furthermore, RCA’s Career Development Program enhances a student’s life skills needed for success in the world: critical thinking skills, time management, organization, and independent living skills. Through this program, students may gain relevant skills in a variety of areas: agricultural engineering, culinary arts, construction technology, baking technology, education, entrepreneurial training, facilities maintenance, landscaping, hospitality, and audio-video communications. The experiences acquired through these hands-on skills are useful stepping stones that can be applied throughout a student’s lifetime.

Redemption Christian Academy is a member of NEPSAC (New England Preparatory School Athletic Council). Member schools of NEPSAC have athletic teams that combine high school and postgraduate athletes together for competition. Student athletes gain exposure before college coaches offering opportunities for scholarships. Student athletes may also use their postgraduate year to fulfill NCAA academic requirements. RCA offers a variety of NCAA Eligibility Center approved high school core courses that postgraduates are able to take.

Overall, RCA’s postgraduate program offers a number of advantages. Not only does it enhance the student’s academic preparation and college readiness, but it also fosters maturity needed to handle the independence of college life. Whatever the reason a student chooses to attend Redemption Christian Academy’s Postgraduate Program, he or she will acquire academic and life skills useful for college and beyond. Students will be more prepared to face life’s challenges. “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” (Alexander Graham Bell). That is why our motto is “Redemption Christian Academy is more than a school…It’s preparation for life.”