Basketball Schedule

2022-2023 Redemption Christian Academy Basketball Schedule
Event Start DateEvent End DateEvent NameEvent Start TimeAdvantageVenueAddressCategory
11/9/2022Brewster Academy6:30: PMAwayBrewster AcademyAAA
11/9/2022RCA vs Brewster Academy (5:00)5:00: PMAwayAA
11/10/2022RCA vs Ridley College7:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
11/10/2022RCA vs Putnam science (Home) (5:00)5:00: PMHomeAA
11/12/2022Power 5 Tip Off Showcase3:30: AMAwayNotre Dame West HavenAAA
11/13/2022Power 5 Tip Off Showcase5:00: PMAwayNotre Dame West HavenAAA
11/14/202211/14 Putnam (Home)TBDHomeJr. National
11/16/2022RCA vs St Thomas Moore (4:00)4:00: PMAwaySt. Thomas MooreAAA
11/18/202211/20/2023Westown tournament (Pennsylvania)TBDAwayAA
11/19/202211/21/2022Atlanta GA (TSF Showcase)TBDAwayAtlanta, GAAAA
11/19/202211/21/202211/19-11/21- Atlanta, GA (TSF Showcase)TBDAwayJr. National
11/30/2022RCA vs South Kent6:00: PMAwaySouth KentAAA
11/30/2022RCA vs South Kent (4:30)4:30: PMAwayAA
12/2/202212/4/2022Zero Gravity ShowcaseTBDAwayZero GravityAAA
12/3/2022RCA vs Darrow school (4:00)4:00: PMAwayAA
12/3/2022RCA vs Darrow (2:00)2:00: PMAwayClass C
12/4/2022RCA vs Ridley college (Home) (4:00)4:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
12/4/2022RCA vs vs Mcduffie (Varsity) (2:00)1:00: PMAwayAA
12/6/2022RCA vs Bridgeport Academy (Home) (7:00)7:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
12/6/202212/6 vs St Thomas Moore (4:00) (Home)4:00: PMHomeJr. National
12/8/2022RCA vs South Kent (6:00)6:00: PMAwayClass C
12/9/2022RCA vs OSL Post GradTBDAwayAAA
12/9/2022RCA vs OSLTBDAwayAA
12/9/202212/11/2022Storm King TournamentTBDAwayClass C
12/10/202212/10 vs Eaglebrook (Home) (JV game)TBDHomeJr. National
12/11/2022RCA vs Busche Academy (Home)2:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
12/11/2022RCA vs Busche Academy (Home) (12:00)12:00: PMHomeAA
12/12/202212/12 @ Hoosac (6:00)6:00: PMAwayJr. National
12/13/2022RCA vs Springfield commonwealth (4:00)(Away)4:00: PMAwayAA
12/13/2022RCA vs Grace Christian (6:00)6:00: PMAwayClass C
12/15/2022RCA vs Emmanuel Christian Academy (3:00)3:00: PMAwayClass C
12/15/202212/15 @ Emmanuel Christian Academy (JV game) (4:15)4:15: AMAwayJr. National
12/16/202212/18/2022December 16th through 18thTarkanian Classic (Las Vegas)TBDAwayLas VegasAAA
12/16/202212/18/202212/16-12/18 Tarkanian Classic (Las Vegas)TBDAwayLas VegasAAA
12/17/2022RCA vs We Believe AcademyTBDAwayAA
12/19/202212/22/202212/19-12/22- Tarkanian Classic (Las Vegas)TBDAwayJr. National
1/3/2023RCA vs Emmanuel Christian Academy (Home) (4:30)4:30: PMHomeClass C
1/3/20231/3 vs Emmanuel Christian Academy (Home) (JV game) (3:00)3:00: PMHomeJr. National
1/7/2023RCA vs Broome ST Academy (Home) (2:00)2:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
1/7/2023RCA vs We Believe Academy (Home)TBDHomeAA
1/7/20231/7 vs Eaglebrook School (Home) 4:004:00: PMHomeJr. National
1/10/20231/10 vs Bradford Christian (Home) 4:004:00: PMHomeJr. National
1/11/20231/11/2023RCA vs Commonwealth6:00: PMAwayAAA
1/12/2023RCA vs Bushce Academy (2:00)2:00: PMAwayAA
1/13/20231/13/2023RCA vs Putnam ScienceTBDAwayAAA
1/14/2023RCA vs Bridgeport Academy (6:00)6:00: PMAwayAAA
1/14/2023RCA vs Pharos Academy (Home) (1:00)1:00: PMHomeAA
1/14/20231/14 vs Storm king school (3:00) (Home)3:00: PMHomeJr. National
1/18/2023RCA vs WinchendonTBDAwayAA
1/18/2023RCA vs Bradford Christian Academy (4:30)4:30: PMAwayClass C
1/19/2023RCA vs NYMATBDAwayClass C
1/20/2023RCA vs OSL (Home)TBDHomeAA
1/21/2023RCA vs Brimmer and May school (Home)3:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
1/21/2023RCA vs Masters School (Home) (3:00)3:00: PMHomeAA
1/24/2023RCA vs Hoosac5:00: PMAwayAAA
1/24/2023RCA vs Hoosac (3:00)3:00: PMAwayAA
1/24/2023RCA vs Hoosac (1:30)1:30: PMAwayClass C
1/25/2023RCA vs Newman School2:00: PMAwayAAA
1/25/2023RCA vs St Thomas Moore (4:00)4:00: PMAwayAA
1/25/20231/25 vs storm king (Home) (4:00)4:00: PMHomeJr. National
1/27/2023RCA vs Pharos Academy (5:00)5:00: PMAwayAA
1/28/2023RCA vs Notre Dame2:00: PMAwayNotre Dame, West Haven, CTAAA
1/29/2023RCA vs Evangel Christian (Home) (4:00)4:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
1/29/2023RCA vs Evangel Christian (Home) (2:00)2:00: PMHomeAA
2/2/2023RCA vs Broome St AcademyTBDAwayAAA
2/2/2023RCA vs Broome St AcademyTBDAwayClass C
2/3/2023RCA vs Brewster Academy (5:00)5:00: PMAwayClass C
2/4/20232/5/2023February 4th and 5th 2023 (Power 5 Tip off showcase)TBDAwayAAA
2/4/2023RCA vs Winchendon (Home)TBDHomeAA
2/5/2023RCA vs Brewster (Home) 11AM11:00: AMHomeAA
2/6/20232/6 vs Hoosac (Home) (4:00)4:00: PMHomeJr. National
2/7/2023RCA vs Commonwealth (Home) (6:00)6:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
2/7/2023RCA vs Springfield Commonwealth (Home) (4:00)4:00: PMHomeAA
2/7/20232/7 @Eaglebrook (5:00) (JV also) (3:30)5:00: PMAwayJr. National
2/8/2023RCA vs Mcduffie (Varsity) (Home) 3:003:00: PMHomeAA
2/10/2023RCA vs OSL post Grad (Home)TBDHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
2/11/2023RCA vs Evangel Christian (TBD time)TBDAwayAAA
2/11/2023RCA vs Evangel ChristianTBDAwayAA
2/11/2023RCA vs Storm King (3:00)3:00: PMAwayClass C
2/11/20232/11 @storm king school (1:30)1:30: AMAwayJr. National
2/14/2023RCA vs Hoosac (Home) (5:00)5:00: PMHomeRussell Sage Robison Gym97 1st St, Troy, NY 12180AAA
2/14/2023RCA vs Hoosac (Home)(3:00)3:00: PMHomeAA
2/14/2023RCA vs Hoosac (Home) (1:00)1:00: PMHomeClass C
2/15/2023RCA vs OSL NationalTBDAwayAAA
2/15/20232/15 vs Grace Christian Academy (Home)(5:30)5:30: AMHomeJr. National
2/17/20232/18/20232/17-2/18 New Hampton tournamentTBDAwayAAA
2/17/20232/19/2023IMG Basketball tournament (Florida)TBDAwayAA
2/17/20232/19/2023IMG Basketball tournament (Florida)TBDAwayClass C
2/17/20232/19/20232/17-2/19 IMG Basketball tournament (Florida)TBDAwayJr. National
2/23/2023RCA vs St Thomas Moore (Home) (4:00)4:00: PMHomeAA
2/23/20232/23 @St Thomas Moore (away) (5:00)5:00: PMAwayJr. National
2/24/20232/26/20232/24-2/26 Sunrise Academy showcase (Kansas)TBDAwayKansasAAA
2/25/2023RCA vs Darrow (Home) (2:00)2:00: PMHomeAA
2/25/20232/25 vs Darrow (Home (2:00)2:00: PMHomeJr. National
2/27/2023RCA vs Putnam (Away)TBDAwayAA
2/27/20232/27 Putnam (away)TBDAwayJr. National
3/4/20233/6/2023Power 5 PlayoffsTBDAwayAAA
3/4/20233/6/2023Power 5 playoffsTBDAwayAA