Letter from the Athletic Director

For years many have speculated, wondered, and narrated what we do at RCA: a school that has second location in Liberia where we support hundreds of kids year after year, a program with a community outreach and food pantry that our kids faithfully serve in, spearheaded by my sister-in-law who was assisted by the City of Watervliet’s Mayor Patricelli.

Everything else to know about RCA and our basketball program is summed up in this post-COVID year. A year that started off with uncertainty after a COVID pause turned into a season with both the Prep and High School teams making it to the semifinals in league play. Our high school team secured the #1 seed and our Prep team the fourth seed. Once again as always we took kids who wanted to play, no recruiting, no tryouts. This year was a true reflection of our program. We take kids from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. This is our ministry! It’s not a business for us, but preparation for life is our motto. It’s no wonder that our program is a breeding ground for under the radar talent.

Our player development speaks for itself. A year that was supposed to be a down year, turned out into one of our best recent years, not defined by wins and losses, but defined by how all three of our teams competed from the beginning of the season to the very end, all the while quietly building an elite HS team, which featured a 6’5″ and 6’7″ backcourt. Our team also included my nephew who as an 8th grader showed he not only belongs at the prep level, but he’s one of the more complete players in his age group. He scored 31 points off the bench last game with just 15 shots. This is only a sign of what’s to come for him.

We are a school program that won’t defend or brag about what we do. We quietly do our job for a cause bigger than ourselves. We aim to change lives. A program in and of itself does not make or break a player. Discipline and structure are the keys that will make or break a player. RCA was one of the few schools with multiple players in last year’s NBA draft, with more to come (very soon)!

Tristan Wilchcombe

RCA Athletic Director

This is RCA!