Earnest Students Wanted

Dear prospective student and parent,

Academic enhancement and acceleration along with character development are paramount at Redemption Christian Academy, because we are  an academic family-oriented institution.  Therefore, only EARNEST students should apply!  

Earnest students exemplify a sincere and intense conviction to excel.  In order for students to reach their ne plus ultra, or highest potential, they must maximize their effort to succeed here.  Helping students to achieve and excel is our primary aim.  Students must learn to align studying and learning with the body’s natural circadian rhythm.  Proper rest, good nutrition, consistent study habits, and self-discipline are a result of understanding our internal biological clock and using it to grow and mature into productive citizens.  

Students coming to Redemption Christian Academy will be challenged to be their best and to become lifelong learners.  Time-wasting will not be tolerated, because time is a commodity!  Cell phone addiction, ineptness, and general laziness must be converted into productivity.  Reading is prioritized, and there is no room for boredom!

RCA students learn to adapt to a unique disciplined environment that cultivates achieving their goals.  Students are not denied admission based on an entrance exam score or lack of athletic performance.  Instead, all students must be predisposed to making positive transformations spiritually, academically, and athletically.  Almost no student with a willingness to succeed will be disappointed in their experience; however, they must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to work hard.  RCA’s unique experience, although challenging, can be enjoyable and rewarding for students willing to make a commitment to excellence. Learn more about our Founders Choice Scholarships.