RCA Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math)

Weekly rates available

Would you like to create your own energy source by constructing solar panels? Or start a fire by rubbing together sticks? Or plant and harvest your own food? Or launch rockets in the soccer field? Or create outdoor art? Explore exciting hands-on activities. In addition to morning class time, students take field trips to visit area colleges, museums, and other educational programs.

Player Development

GCI (Goodway Culinary Institute)

Experience fine cuisine with RCA's Goodway Culinary Institute where students learn the art of baking and cooking. Try new recipes with Goodway's Test Kitchen. Through RCA's Career Development program, students acquire marketing and entrepreneurial skills. Our bakery products are made with the finest natural ingredients and have been enjoyed by food celebrities like Martha Stewart and Francis Legge.

Enjoy leisure activities that may include roller skating, laser tag, paddle boats, cookouts, movie night, and intramural volleyball and basketball. Visit area malls and other areas of interest.

RCA Summer Basketball Player Development Program

Weekly rates available

Player development is synonymous with athletic IQ. RCA's Player Development Program teaches the importance of S.T.S. (spacing, timing and sequence) and trains student-athletes to think. Through RCA's uniquely designed method of ongoing training, skills are acquired and reinforced, resulting in the development of even the lesser athletic and lesser talented players.

A key to RCA's Player Development Program is that improvement comes from repetitious and proper training. The brain must be trained to get the body to instinctively or spontaneously respond in milliseconds. Participants learn the why and when of game execution. RCA's experienced athletic staff provides a balanced regimen of athletics, academics, and activities which results in student-athletes reaching their ne plus ultra.

Students will participate in on-campus practice, training, drills, scrimmages, and intramural competition.

Optional extras for summer programs include area field trips.

Player Development
Player Development

Academic Credit Recovery Program. Immediate Enrollment!

RCA's Academic Credit Recovery Program allows students who are not passing for the 2018-2019 academic year to take advantage of our open and and rolling enrollment policy. Immediate enrollment is available for students to start earning course credit.