Our Program Our Program RCA's program provides a safe, structured, academic atmosphere for enhanced student learning. It includes the following academic levels: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high, and postgraduate. RCA accepts students from diverse backgrounds. International students from all over the world have attended, comprising as much as 50% of the student body.

The faculty encourages student achievement by providing a college preparatory curriculum with a foundation built on mastery of the fundamentals. Students are graded on a quarterly basis, and regular awards ceremonies are held to acknowledge student performance and academic excellence. This creates a friendly competitive environment that motivates students to push themselves and each other to achieve their ne plus ultra. Our students' daily schedules reinforce our school's mission by focusing on spiritual, academic, and athletic goals.

Spiritual - Students learn to apply valuable, life-changing Biblical principles to every aspect of their daily lives. An emphasis is placed on truth, character, and work ethics.

Academic - Students are encouraged to leave no room for regret by striving to excel to the best of their ability. With the support of staff and volunteers, students are able to maximize their individual learning potential. Advanced academic students are provided opportunities for advanced placement courses, dual college enrollment, and career development internships.

Athletic - Student athletes are expected to excel as students first and understand that athletics is a means to an end. Competition, teamwork, and personal discipline required for athletics are applied in all areas of a student's life. Those who excel have the opportunity to play competitively and compete for athletic scholarships to various colleges and universities throughout the country. Talented athletes have earned full college athletic scholarships.