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An Investment in Educationů

When you purchase one of our delicious, made-from-scratch products, your contribution helps us to educate students. Our baked goods are made fresh daily and contain no added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Taste the difference! We cater to high class taste buds! Redemption Christian Academy is truly more than a school! We believe that one student's education can positively affect a family; the one family can positively affect a neighborhood; one neighborhood can positively affect a community; one community can change a society. If we all did a little, then we can do a lot together. RCA is a stepping stone for each student's future success.

Goodway Bakery - Since 1979, Goodway Bakery has been the catalyst in the success of RCA. Working hand in hand RCA and Goodway Bakery allow every student n ot only an opportunity to invest in their own educational process, but also the realization of the personal sacrifice it takes to be successful. Through RCA's Career Development program at Goodway Bakery, students have the opportunity to excel in practical skills such as food preparation, baking technology, packaging, culinary arts, and sales and marketing. When you purchase something from Goodway Bakery, you are making an investment in the education of our youth. Order online now! Or Call 518-273-2091

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