Student Testimonials

Below are the words of RCA students who have attended over the years:

Redemption Christian Academy is not just a school to me-it's my home, my family, and a place that brought purpose to my life.
-- Ondrej Brno,Czech Republic
Redemption Christian Academy gave me the opportunity to earn a full college scholarship. Much more than academically and athletically, I am now ready spiritually and mentally to realize my plans.
-- Bastien Brussels, Belgium
Prior to coming to the United States alone at the age of five, my family endured many hardships, the worst being the Civil War. Two of my brothers perished as a result of the war. I have attended RCA since kindergarten… Despite my circumstances, I have learned to be a victor rather than a victim.
-- Barbara Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa
...It was summer of '97 when I took a plane departing from Rome, Italy, that brought me to Albany U.S.A. I was a 19 years old kid ready to sign a professional basketball contract In Italy, a dream coming true for 99 % of basketball players but not for me. Read More
- Andrea Bona, Italy
...My father was terminally ill...I became truant and rarely attended school. RCA has given me hope…For the first time in a long time I know that I am going somewhere, that I am progressing rather than regressing.
- T.C. Harlem, NY
A year after the start of the (Liberian) civil war...we lost all...Some days we would have a little food. Other days we went without...I give special thanks to Rev. John Massey and the RCA family
— J.J. Monrovia, Liberia
My whole family were gang uncle (was killed) in gang related activity...Being at Redemption Christian Academy taught me how to love...It has taught me work ethics and responsibility.
— L.R. Los Angeles, California
...I have learned many valuable lessons, morals, and work ethics, that I will carry with me the rest of my life.
— L.D. Troy, NY
I have a sponsor and a tutor. They help me with my reading. RCA has helped me to find the best tutors. All my life no one has helped me like they have...Thank you.
— H.S. Chicago, Illinois
RCA has given me a safe place...good friends, a great family, and a positive environment...I have learned to plan, set goals, accept challenges, become a team player...
— D.L. Bronx, NY
...People here make me feel like I'm at home, in Lithuania...
— L. S. Panevezys, Lithuania
RCA has helped me build a stronger prayer life...RCA means Reforming Character and Attitude...
— C. M. Queens, NY
RCA has brought me to a place in my life where I can say I am graduating from a historically black Christian boarding school, and that in itself means a lot to me.
— J. B. St. Joseph, Michigan
My knowledge of God is the most precious and sacred thing I have learned at RCA...I'm ever so grateful for the devotion of the RCA staff.
— M. M. Guilderland, NY