Agricultural Engineering Program

Redemption Christian Academy's Agricultural Engineering Program is an engineering discipline that combines engineering science and technology with agricultural production and processing. The Agricultural Engineering Program is a cutting-edge component in RCAís Career Development Program. This program is implemented in cooperation with Four Star Farms, Inc. whose owners have professional experience both in engineering and also government sectors of agricultural policy. Guest lecturers will also speak on various topics including agricultural economics.

Because RCAís 100 acre campus is located in the Pioneer Valley region of Massachusetts and has some of New Englandís most fertile farmland, our Agricultural Engineering Program is a perfect fit. RCA students receive hands-on experience in various aspects of this field of study, which includes: design of agricultural machinery and equipment; agricultural resource management; seeding, tillage, harvesting, and processing of crops; and agricultural sustainability. RCA students are able to understand commercial agriculture through real-life applications and gain an appreciation for this field of applied science.

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