Founded in 1979 in Troy, New York by Pastor John Massey, Jr., Redemption Christian Academy (RCA) provides quality education in an affordable structured, Christian environment. Pastor Massey believed that in the right environment, any student, regardless of race, sex, or background, could achieve academic excellence. Rev. Massey's vision was to provide a strong academic foundation to help hard-working, motivated students reach their ne plus ultra.

Redemption Christian Academy began as a day school and less than five years later welcomed its first boarding students. Since then, RCA has welcomed international students from around the world from countries which include: Switzerland, Venezuela, the Bahamas, Korea, France, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Canada, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Macedonia, Liberia, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and others. RCA now has affiliates in Texas, Liberia, and India. In 2012, Redemption Christian Academy expanded and purchased a 100-acre, traditional New England campus in Northfield, Massachusetts.

Over the years, RCA has attracted many volunteers, including a number of highly professional faculty members. What began as a small church-school has now grown into an interdependent community of educators, volunteers, students, and their families. Many of RCA's alumni have not only been a part of the school since the doors opened in 1979, but have returned to help educate future graduates.

RCA is an experience that consists of spiritual, academic, and athletic challenges. With the help of the staff, hard work, and family support, every student can succeed. Together we endeavor to cultivate tomorrow's leaders. We have produced future leaders that will continue to impact their families and communities as well as the world!