Student Life


This club is perfect for those wanting to get acquainted with outdoors. Take a hiking excursion in the scenic mountains of Northfield or relax by fishing in the beautiful Connecticut River. Outdoor activities with trained professionals such as kayaking, zip lining, and obstacle courses are sure to become a student hit.

Members can learn the lost art of using a map and compass on an orienteering adventure. There will also be weekend camping trips to experiencing getting closer to nature while sleeping in tents.

Students can also use one of the schools powerful telescopes to experience the stars and constellations in their full glory. Club members may even choose to enjoy the simple pleasure of grabbing a blanket for the lawn, and gazing at the stars at night.

Another student favorite is our campus campfires we provide. Students enjoy roasted marshmallows while socializing and enjoying nature. Additional outdoor activities will be offered, and students are encouraged to give any suggestions they may have.