Student Life


Redemption Christian Academy’s campus is seated in heart of New England's Pioneer Valley. Participants in the Society of Agricultural Engineers will learn about the rich agricultural history of our area and understand why the soil is one of the most fertile in all of the Northeast United States.

Students have the opportunity to work with life-time horticulturists to learn the fundamental techniques and practices of gardening. They will learn from local farmers who will share how science, math, and engineering principles are applied to sustainable farming. Club members will also learn to solve relevant agricultural engineering problems with crops grown on RCA’s campus.

Students will experience a feeling of accomplishment and self -worth as they take a direct hand in farm-to-table practices. The majority of the harvest will be used in our dining hall to serve students and faculty nutritious, organic, dishes made with local, organic ingredients.

Field trips to local farms and internships are also available to further interest in understanding the art of growing organic, sustainable produce, that is not only good for the environment, but the body.